A Passion For Wood

Dubeau’s adventure began in 1936 when the brothers Jules and William Dubeau started a sawmill operation in St-Norbert, a region North East of Montreal, Quebec. Motivated and dedicated, it didn’t take long before the brothers started making wood floors, making them the second manufacturer of hardwood floors in Canada.


Growth was on the agenda year after year and Dubeau became a renowned name in the industry and the market. In 1960, Dubeau innovated by making parquet floors and was quickly successful with their new line. The company was thriving until 1978 when a fire completely destroyed Dubeau’s facilities. But the brothers couldn’t be stopped. Like a phoenix, Dubeau arose from its ashes and even innovated once more in the mid-eighties by launching prefinished parquet floors.

A Legacy of Excellence

In 2001, the Lauzon family took over the destiny of the company and brought Dubeau to new heights. Lauzon’s fully integrated operations, from forestry to manufacturing byproducts from wood residues, have help Dubeau become a « green » company and apply eco-friendly policies such as our zero-waste program. It also helped secure a continuous source of wood and allowed for advanced quality control all along the production chain.


Today, with continuous investments in new technology and in cultivating the unique know-how and dedication of our people, we are confident that the legacy of excellence initiated by the Dubeau brothers will be transmitted for generations to come.


Eco-Responsible Sourcing

Before the floor, there was the tree. The Lauzon Group sets itself apart from other hardwood floor manufacturers with its fully integrated operations which begin by harvesting the forest with care and passion. Wood is a renewable resource and maintaining its continuous supply for now and the future, demands rigorous application of the best stewardship forestry practices.


We maintain and crop more than two million acres of private and public forests by applying strict norms for wildlife, water and forest well-being and protection, in accordance with Quebec’s Forestry Law.


This vertical integration contributes an advanced knowledge of wood and the product itself. It allows us to maximize quality and efficiency at each stage of the process while securing a supply of wood for at least 25 years.


As a testimony to the environment and the well-being of our forest, we have developed a zero-waste program by recycling all wood residues to produce wood pellets, the cleanest energy. Our commitment also extends to the finishes we apply on our floors which are eco-friendly and exempt of formaldehyde, VOCs and solvents.


Choosing a Dubeau floor, it’s choosing to help preserve our natural resources for future generations. As all our floors come from sustainably managed forest, are legally sourced and comply with the US Lacey Act.


We are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management practices, which include the way we measure our environmental impact and work constantly to improve our performance.


Dubeau products can be used to help earn LEED* credits for your building projects. The LEED® Green Building Rating System was developed to measure the environmental and energy performance of buildings. It is used to promote, build, operate and certify sustainable buildings and facilities. The LEED® Green Building Rating System takes into account construction objectives within the framework of sustainable development strategies.

*LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


Working for Dubeau as part of the Lauzon Group is an opportunity to mix innovation with dedication, show your integrity, have fun, and develop your talents.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

⦁ Competitive compensation
⦁ A generous employee benefits program, including a pension plan
⦁ Permanent, full-time positions
⦁ Promotion of employees’ social and community involvement
⦁ A vibrant and friendly work environment
⦁ Annual survey on employee commitment and well-being
⦁ Personalized service from an HR representative at each site

Career Development

Do you have talent and leadership and want to move up the ladder? We help our employees along their career path. Whether through mentoring or continuing education, we support you at every step of your professional and personal development.


Special project-related internships are regularly available at our sites. We want our interns to learn and develop their skills and knowledge while enjoying their experience with us.

Health & Safety

We believe our employees are our greatest asset. The health, safety, and physical well-being of all our staff are essential to our long-term growth.


Under our occupational health and safety policy, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace to protect our workers from occupational injuries and diseases.


Our commitment to excellence in workplace health and safety is reflected in the day-to-day involvement of all employees.

Our Values

We are a family business built on honesty and integrity. Every employee is an important part of who we are and what we strive to deliver for our customers, suppliers, and partners.


By being honest, principled, and rigorous and instilling a climate of listening, respect, and participation, we foster employees’ skills, leadership, and engagement and ensure a stimulating, creative, and innovative environment.

Keeping Our Staff Informed

Our president and senior management make a point of regularly visiting all sites to meet with employees and inform them of strategic directions, the business situation, and organizational issues.

Social Commitment

Since our beginnings, we have recognized the importance of forests as a natural and sustainable resource. That’s why environmental protection and sustainable use are an integral part of our operations.


We know that the communities we operate in play an important role in our success. To give back a bit of what they give by hosting us, we are proud to support social causes important to residents.


We are a real Canadian success story—a dynamic company that pursues economic and socially responsible development thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated employees.

Our Locations

We are a team of approximately 450 working in four operation sites across Quebec and our sales team serves all of North America.


The main manufacturing site for Dubeau floors is in St-Norbert, Quebec, about one hour North East of Montreal. Our other locations are:

• Maniwaki: Manufacturing Plant
• Papineauville: Head Office and Manufacturing Plant
• Thurso: Sawmill.

Join Our Team

To join our team, see the job openings at: http://www.jobillico.com/see-company/lauzon–planchers-de-bois-exclusifs.aYfeRw

You can also send us your resume at careers@lauzonltd.com. Please indicate the job and location you are interested in.


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