You’ve selected a top-quality wood floor. To maintain its beauty, kindly adhere to our good practices. Adhering to the maintenance instructions ensures the validity of the warranty, safeguarding your investment in the long run.


A prefinished DUBEAU wood floor is durable and easy to maintain. It will retain its properties and elegance for many years with just a few simple steps. To preserve its beauty please follow our best practices.


  • Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor and immediately wipe away any spills.
  • Clean your floor with a floor cleaner specifically made for wood floors (e.g., BONA hardwood cleaner).   Follow the manufacturer’s instructions (never pour a cleaning product directly on your floor).
  • Place area rugs in outdoor entryways to increase protection against abrasions and humidity.
  • Clean area rugs regularily to eliminate hard particles that could eventually diminish the sheen or scratch the floor surface.

Do not

  • Never leave water or any other liquid that accumulates on the floor. (Liquid may penetrate between the planks, darken the wood, or even damage the finish)
  • Never pour liquid cleaners directly on the floor.
  • Never use a steam cleaner.
  • Never use a soaked wet mop or cloth.
  • Placing area rugs in entryways helps increase protection against abrasion and humidity.
  • Never use wax or an oil-based cleaner as they might damage the finish of the floor and leave the surface slippery, sticky, or hard to clean.


Dubeau floors from our four collections—Nature, Nuance, Character, and Legacy—come with a lifetime residential limited warranty on structural default and a 35-year limited residential warranty on the complete wear of the finish.