Finishes & sheens

Discover a captivating range of sheens and finishes, including a clear, sophisticated touch. Easy maintenance seamlessly blends rugged allure with modern design for a bold statement.

Our finish

Dubeau wood floors are protected by an aluminum oxide finish that contains no VOCs, formaldehyde, or added solvents. It comes with a limited 35-year warranty against wear.

  • Contains Antimicrobial agents for a cleaner environment.
  • Is easy to clean.
  • Is a Hypoallergenic finish for a safe environment.
  • Is designed to protect hardwood floors from the regular wear of daily life.
  • Is a flexible and resilient finish.
  • Meets Industry standards.


Our Sheens

Dubeau floors are available in three different sheen levels:

Ultra-matte 10%

Provides a very natural look (like oiled wood) while ensuring long-term protection.

Matte 20%

Enhances the wood’s natural appearance making it an ideal choice for a timeless look.

Semi-gloss 45%

Offers a shiny appearance when you want to give a classic look to a floor.

Our textures

The texture of a wood floor enhances the natural beauty of each wood species. Two different textures are available:

Smooth Texture

A natural elegance achieved through light sanding that highlights the wood’s grain. This classic texture remains highly valued.

Wire Brushed Texture

Ideal for open-grain wood species like oak (white and red). Brushing can vary in texture depending on the wood grade or desired effect. However, this technique is always followed by a light sanding to create a uniform surface. This texture helps conceal wear marks on the floor.