Species & Looks

Dubeau Hardwood Floors are crafted from domestic wood species sourced from slow growing trees out of Quebec forests. They are harvested following environmental principles of sustainable forest management demonstrating excellent ecological practices.

Wood is a renewable high quality natural organic material. The characteristics of different wood species will enrich any interior with beauty and comfort. Each wood species have their own qualities and styles that will enhance a variety of decors and lifestyles.

Our species


Canadian sugar maple – the hardest of the maple species

  • Durable and resistant.
  • Delicate grain and high resistance to impacts.
  • Sapwood is ivory white with a slight amber-brown hue, while heartwood ranges from pale brown to dark brown.

*WOOD HARDNESS : Janka 1450 lbs


The preferred wood species in North America

  • Durable and resistant.
  • Open grain revealing the natural texture and authenticity of wood.
  • Oak sapwood ranges from white to pale brown, while heartwood is reddish-brown.

*WOOD HARDNESS : Janka 1290 lbs


The iconic wood species of Quebec

  • Adequately durable and resistant.
  • Closed and uniform grain.
  • Sapwood ranges from creamy white to pale yellow and even light brown, while heartwood transitions from pale brown to a dark brown with hints of red.

*WOOD HARDNESS : Janka 1260 lbs


Oak, full of style

  • Durable and resistant.
  • Open grain with a light brushed surface that enhances the natural character of the wood.
  • The sapwood of white oak is nearly white, while the heartwood is grayish-brown.

*WOOD HARDNESS : Janka 1360 lbs

Wood hardness

Wood hardness is determined by the Janka test. This test measures the pressure required to drive a metal ball into the wood. The higher the number, the harder the wood species.

Appearance of grades

The appearance of wood is influenced by the natural characteristics of each tree, such as :

Joint of a branch to the trunk
Mineral Streaks
Darker variation in the wood grain

Splits and checks

Fine surface opening

Color Variation

Color distinction between the heartwood and the sapwood

Appearance of grades are classified based on the quantity and varying degree of these traits.

  • Any naturally opened knots or streaks are filled during the production of the wood.
  • All products go through the strictest quality control.

Dubeau Floors are available in three grade appearances:

Clean Look

Select & Better


Rustic Look


Select & Better

This floor offers a distinguished uniform looking appearance with subtle color variation and natural shades. There may be a limited presence of small sound knots and mineral streaks.


This floor offers a light to moderate range of color tones and variation between boards. Small knots, filled knots and mineral streaks are allowed but limited. Fine splits and checks may occasionally be present.


This floor displays all the natural characteristics of wood with a pronounced color variation. Filled sound knots, mineral streaks, splits and checks are included in the distinct personality of this floor.