Dubeau Floors is a manufacturer with 80 years of experience in the production and sale of premium quality hardwood flooring. As an industry leader, Dubeau Floors is committed to manufacturing products that meet the highest standards. Working within a safe and stimulating environment, our dedicated employees work tirelessly to earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers.


Dubeau Floors begins by carefully selecting the raw lumber that goes into its finished products. Selected wood strips go through a meticulous manufacturing process that combines skilled craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Production planning is tailored to the needs of the customer.

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From sawmill to modern technology

In 1936, brothers Jules and William Dubeau began operating a sawmill in St. Norbert, in Quebec’s Lanaudière region. Dubeau Frères went on to become Canada’s second-oldest hardwood floor manufacturer, an achievement in keeping with the long-term vision of its founders. In the 1960s, the company innovated anew by developing parquet products as an affordable alternative to its strip flooring line. After a major fire in 1978 destroyed the plant, the brothers rebuilt and resumed operations under the name Parquets Dubeau Ltd. In the 1980s, the company introduced its prefinished parquet line.

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A partnership in excellence

In 2001, Parquets Dubeau Ltd. joined forces with Lauzon Enterprises Ltd. to become one of North America’s flooring industry leaders. Integration of the supply chain and all subsequent stages of manufacturing has fostered the adoption of sound environmental practices such as the recycling of unused wood.

The roots of success

Dubeau Floors’ passion for wood goes back 80 years to a little sawmill in St. Norbert, Quebec. Today, its premium quality prefinished flooring testifies to years of strategic investments in technology and research, and to the experience and commitment of all company employees. With expert craftsmanship built into every Dubeau hardwood flooring product, Dubeau Floors meets the needs of the most discerning customers and carries forward the Dubeau tradition of excellence.


1. What makes Dubeau Floors different from its competitors?

Dubeau hardwood floors are made in Canada and feature distinctly smaller, four-sided bevels and a 25-year finish wear-through limited warranty. Our finishes are environmentally friendly and are VOC-free, formaldehyde-free and solvent-free.

2. Where are Dubeau Floors made?

Dubeau Floors are made in Canada at our facility in St. Norbert, Quebec (one hour north east of Montreal).

3. What kind of warranty does Dubeau Floors provide?

We provide a finish wear-through limited warranty of 25 years for hardwood floors (under normal residential use) and a limited lifetime structural warranty against manufacturing defects for most of our products. Dubeau Floors warranties are valid for as long as the original buyer remains the homeowner. Please refer to the packaging to know which warranty applies to the product you’ve bought.

4. Which species of wood is the hardest?

Based on wood density, Hard Maple is the hardest Canadian species, followed by Red Oak and Yellow Birch. Remember, even the hardest woods may sometimes dent or scratch.

5. Are ¾” thick floors nailed or glued down?

All ¾” (19 mm) solid hardwood floors must be nailed or stapled down. Our recently introduced line of ¾” thick engineered hardwood floors can be glued or stapled down in basements and on or above ground, and can also be installed over radiant heating systems.

6. Do hardwood floors show variations in colour?

As a natural product, wood has colour variations that give it unique character and beauty. No matter what type of wood is used, no two hardwood floors will ever be the same.

7. Are hardwood floors prone to denting?

Like its name implies, hardwood is strong and durable. However, dents will occur when the natural cell structure of hardwood is subjected to a concentrated pressure.

8. What type of finish are Dubeau Floors products given? How many coats are applied?

Since the quality of a finish is not directly related to the number of coats, Dubeau Floors’ premium quality finish depends more on factors such as thickness and strict adherence to the highest professional application standards.

9. How should a hardwood floor be cleaned?

It is important to use a hardwood floor cleanser applied with a clean cloth or a mop (note: always apply a liquid cleanser directly to the mop). Water and soaps are NOT recommended.

10. Why do hardwood floors sometimes squeak?

In order for floors to squeak, a certain amount of movement must be present. As indicated by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), squeaking results from movement of the wood flooring system, subfloor system or underfloor supports. It can also result from inadequate or improper nailing, from a weak subfloor, or from the floor being subjected to excessive moisture or excessively dry conditions. Since excessive humidity or dryness may also cause squeaking, relative humidity in the home should be maintained within recommended levels (45% to 55%).

11. Can pets leave scratch marks on a hardwood floor?

No finish can fully resist the scratching abilities of a “Fluffy” or “Fido” – not even the toughest car paints! Natural hardwood floors, although durable, are not 100% scratch resistant. However, Dubeau now offers hardwood floors made of Red Oak that are wire brushed. One of the advantages of wire-brushed flooring is that it lessens the appearance of everyday wear and tear.

12. Can a Dubeau hardwood floor be refinished?

Yes. We recommend that our customers contact their Dubeau Floors retailer or use web research engines for information on local hardwood refinishing companies.

13. Can Dubeau solid hardwood flooring be installed in bathrooms and kitchens?

Water and wood don’t mix. Wood is not recommended for bathrooms but can be installed in kitchens providing water spills are wiped immediately to avoid potential damage.

14. What are the correct humidity levels for installing Dubeau hardwood flooring?

Every home with a solid hardwood floor should have a hygrometer (humidity meter) to help maintain ideal humidity levels. Homeowners should use a humidifier when relative humidity falls below 45% and a dehumidifier when levels exceed 55%. A quality air exchange system is also recommended. As for our ¾’” thick engineered hardwood floors, the recommended relative humidity levels are between 30% and 80%.

15. Can Dubeau solid hardwood flooring be installed in basements?

Dubeau solid hardwood floors can only be installed at ground level and above. However, our engineered hardwood floors can be installed in basements.

16. Why is my wood floor lighter where my area rug was?

Wood is light sensitive and, therefore, subject to colour change. Over time, it will take on a darker, richer tone that varies according to wood type and level of light exposure. By rotating furniture or repositioning area rugs from time to time, homeowners can avoid sharp contrasts or “tan lines” on their floors. (Note: a breathable, mesh or grid patterned underlay is recommended for area rugs. Avoid rubber underlays.)


Forest lands under our management cover two millions of acres, an allotment that provides the company with a guaranteed 25-year supply of raw lumber.
Wood is a renewable resource, and forests are managed under strict guidelines to ensure a continuous supply of timber. In accordance with the Quebec Forest Act, environmental standards pertaining to fauna, water, forests, resorts and other stakeholders are vigorously applied.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we recycle hardwood residues by converting them into boiler fuel. In addition, the company uses an environmentally friendly varnish that is free of solvents, VOCs and formaldehyde.


When you choose a Dubeau floor, you help protect forest resources for future generations. All the wood we use is sourced from sustainably managed forests.
And it goes without saying that we are fully compliant with the US Lacey Act, which ensures that timber is legally sourced.


We are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management practices, which include the way we measure our environmental impact and work constantly to improve our performance.

Dubeau products can be used to help earn LEED credits for your building projects. The LEED® Green Building Rating System was developed to measure the environmental and energy performance of buildings. It is used to promote, build, operate and certify sustainable buildings and facilities. The LEED® Green Building Rating System takes into account construction objectives within the framework of sustainable development strategies.

*LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


Dubeau has been a registered trademark of Lauzon – Distinctive Hardwood Flooring Inc. since 2001.

Working at Lauzon is an opportunity to mix innovation with dedication, show your integrity, have fun, and develop your talents.


• Competitive compensation
• A generous employee benefits program, including a pension plan
• Permanent, full-time positions
• Promotion of employees’ social and community involvement
• A vibrant and friendly work environment
• Annual survey on employee engagement and well-being
• Personalized service from an HR representative at each site


Do you have talent and leadership and want to move up the ladder? At Lauzon, we help our employees along their career path. Whether through mentoring or continuing education, we support you at every step of your professional and personal development.
Special project-related internships are regularly available at our sites. We want our interns to learn and develop their skills and knowledge while enjoying their experience with us.


We believe our employees are our greatest asset. The health, safety, and physical well-being of all our staff are essential to our long-term growth.
Under our occupational health and safety policy, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace to protect our workers from occupational injuries and diseases.
Our commitment to excellence in workplace health and safety is reflected in the day-to-day involvement of all Lauzon employees.


Every employee is an important part of who we are and what we strive to deliver for our customers, suppliers, and partners.
By being honest, principled, and rigorous and instilling a climate of listening, respect, and participation, we foster employees’ skills, leadership, and engagement and ensure a stimulating, creative, and innovative environment.


Our president and senior management make a point of regularly visiting all sites to meet with employees and inform them of strategic directions, the business situation, and organizational issues.


For over 30 years, we have recognized the importance of forests as a natural and sustainable resource. That’s why environmental protection and sustainable use are an integral part of our operations.
At Lauzon, we know that the communities we operate in play an important role in our success. To give back a bit of what they give by hosting us, we are proud to support social causes important to residents.
We are a real Canadian success story—a dynamic company that pursues economic and socially responsible development thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated employees.


Lauzon is a family business built on honesty and integrity. Headquartered in Papineauville, Quebec, we operate an integrated company with four plants as well as a business office in Laval. We employ approximately 450 people.
We have five locations across Quebec, and our sales team serves all of North America:

• Laval: Business Office
• Maniwaki: Manufacturing Plant
• Papineauville: Head Office and Manufacturing Plant
• St-Norbert: Manufacturing Plant
• Thurso: Sawmill


To join our team, see the job openings at: http://www.jobillico.com/see-company/lauzon–planchers-de-bois-exclusifs.aYfeRw

You can also send us your resume at careers@lauzonltd.com. Please indicate the job and location you are interested in.